First Wine and Cheese of 2014

At Easter we had a charming group of 14 Danes for the Gourmet wine and cheese tasting on the Chateau terrace.  Holidaying together to celebrate a birthday, they were staying in Methamis, one of the three ancient hilltop villages surrounding us here, and they came at 6 o'clock on a sunny spring evening. A different delicious cheese for each of our six wines, with the aim being to make the … [Read more...]

How did it go?

A lovely day today, the first cuckoo, breakfast outside and a sunny picnic lunch, after the success of the Portes Ouvertes yesterday. Thanks largely to all the hard work of our excellent team here; lots of people came and seemed to enjoy the wine, the domaine and themselves. Two great new cheese matches for the wines - with the Chateau Unang rosé 2013 a delicious hard Tome from Sardinia and … [Read more...]

The first leaves appear

It is an exciting moment when the first leaves appear on the vines each year, and then grow so fast that you can practically see them moving, particularly the syrah which produces an enormous amount of foliage.  The brave Grenache pine, that grows the grapes for our top cuvée La Croix, seems to be the first to appear each year - having a great aspect, and well sheltered by the surrounding oak … [Read more...]

Portes Ouvertes – Open Day 5th April 2014

This Saturday the cave is open all day to everyone who would like to visit the domaine of Chateau Unang. A great opportunity to discover or rediscover our wines. Taste them paired with their perfect cheese partner. (cuveé Adeline with Beaufort becomes a rich nutty sensation!). Taste the local products that make up our picnics - olives, caviar d'aubergine, quince chutney, strawberries from … [Read more...]

Vinisud 2014

The 24, 25th and 26th of February 2014 the professional wine show Vinisud takes place in Montpellier.  This event which happens every two years is the second largest wine salon in France and is a fantastic show case for wines from the south of France and south of Europe. Wine importers, retailers,sommeliers and journalists from all over the world descend on Montpellier for this exciting … [Read more...]


Wednesday was one of the most important days of the year for us.  The Assemblage.  The day when all the wine made from grapes picked last year are blended together to create our 2013 range of wines. It can take many hours, and great concentration of brain and senses to create the best combinations that are in a similar style to the wines of the preceding year, yet expressing the nuances that … [Read more...]

Time spent in ‘preparation’ is seldom wasted

We are planning to replant the parcel behind the Chateau in the spring.  It will be Grenache and Mouvedre grapes, year old plants carefully chosen for their suitability for this patch of ground, each one sealed with red wax to stop the rootstock from growing upwards. The Carignan grapes were pulled out some years ago, and the ground has been resting since then.  Interestingly the sites of … [Read more...]

Wine, Honey and Saffron….

The annual Christmas Malemort market took place outside the Mairie this year, as someone had fallen out with the barmaid near the normal site! It is a wonderful collection of stands, manned by the characters from the village, full of rich local bounty.  This is an experience to relish each year.  This year's treasures were honey, saffron, olive oil, lavender oil,  almond biscuits, quince … [Read more...]

Season/Harvest Notes 2013

Season and harvest notes by James. The late, cold Spring defined the growing season with nature barely catching up. In May we were on the cusp of suffering frost damage on numerous occasions but somehow escaped – even the whites in the valley (our most frost-sensitive spot) were unscathed. What felt like a two week delay to the growing season turned out to be more like three weeks as we … [Read more...]

2 Wheels 2 Châteaux Scandinavian Visitors

A charming group of Scandinavian (and one British) journalists arrived here by bike from Chateau de Mazan, to taste the wine and have one of our picnics of delicious local produce by the shady 18th century stone pool. Having already had a pretty busy morning making natural face cream at Entrechaux, they had biked the gentle meandering route through the vines and cherries at a slightly faster … [Read more...]