You say what?!  Apparently this is the German word to describe the wonderful summer soiree that happened at Chateau Unang on the 18th July.  For those of you that don't speak fluent German or who are not familiar with the term - it has no direct translation but means when everything perfectly comes together aesthetically! (or so I was told by an enchanted german couple who were with us) Wine from … [Read more...]

La Soiree D’Eté 2018 -18th July – Le Jardin du Chateau

There is still time to reserve for this year's summer soiree.  We are very excited as this year we have a group of very talented young dancers coming from England specifically to perform at Chateau Unang.  They are called Blue Raven and will be doing several different dance routines in the vineyard and gardens of the Chateau - modern / jazz style.  As usual there will be our 6 wines perfectly … [Read more...]

4th Musicale in Ventoux!

Friday 15th June is Musical in Ventoux evening again!This year the event is taking place at Chateau Juvenal at Saint Hippolyte le Graveyron, north of Carpentras and not far from Caromb.  It is a similar fun format to previous years, 5 domaines presenting their wines, 4 high quality food trucks and live music.  Only 5 euros to join the fun.Last year it was here at Chateau Unang, there were … [Read more...]

News and Photos from 2018 first quarter.

So no news letters from months and then two in the same week - not a lot of system plainly - but the first quarter of the year seems to have slipped by and so here are some of the highlights!Assemblage - an exciting day at the lab in Orange, all of us plus Erwan and Jean from Laboratoire Natoli  Small bottles from every barrel and big bottles from every vat.  We taste the old, and then the new … [Read more...]

Open House – Portes Ouvertes 21 April 11h-15h

On Saturday 21st April we are doing our first open house of the year.  It is an exciting day as we are presenting the recently bottled White, Adeline and Rosé from 2017 (very light yield in 2017 so don't wait too long to try them!), along with the Red, La Source and La Croix 2015 (the latter also recently released).As if this wasn't enough excitement there will be 6 delicious cheeses to try … [Read more...]

For wine professionals

We wanted to let you know that we are going to be showing the wine in Montpellier twice in the coming month. James will be with The Outsiders this sunday evening 28th January at the Musee Fabre. And Joanna will be with the Femmes Vignes Rhone for Vinisud on the 18th,19th and 20th February.The details of where, when and the other participants in each event are below. For the Femmes Vignes Rhone … [Read more...]

Harvest Report 2017

Harvest notes 2017 : The season started warm after another dry winter. Balmy April days encouraged the vines on to early and exuberant growth. This flourish was significantly undermined by a widespread frost at the end of the month (twice at Unang, a week apart) where temperatures dropped to -5°C. This episode hit - to varying degrees - all major wine regions in France, and in the Rhone valley … [Read more...]

Video of the Harvest 2016

As the grapes are rushing to ripen in the 40 degrees centigrade temperature of the last couple of weeks - the calculations start as to when the harvest will be this year. Normally it starts towards the 25th September but this year could be two to three weeks early.David Hope, the father of a friend and an experienced cameraman followed the team around last year and created this great video of … [Read more...]

Soirées Musicales – Roll on the 12th of July

Friday night,  was our musical soiree with Chateau Pesquie, Chateau Croix des Pins and Domaine Chaumard.  It was super hot, but with a breeze and the crowds came.  340 people to be precise!  Parking was full (in the horses field), the band - Soul Music - was wonderful - playing non stop from 8.45 to 12.15 - there was laughter and dancing! The food trucks were delicious and took their time … [Read more...]

Musicale en Ventoux -16th June 2017 – Chateau Unang

This year we are doing two musical evenings.Our regular wine, cheese and entertainment evening at the Chateau will be on the 12th July - with the Duo Alcor with Cordelia Palm et Aliénor Girard-Guigas - Violin et Harpe (Cordélia PALM, violoniste super-soliste de l’Orchestre de Région Avignon-Provence (diplômée de la Julliard School de New-York), et Aliénor GIRARD-GUIGAS, harpiste (diplômée … [Read more...]