Harvest Report 2023

Dry, dry, wet, wet, dry. Another crazy meteorological ride this year – it really seems more and more that each year is truly a unique expression of place and time, and more often nowadays, marked by extremes. We averaged a measly 10mm of rain a month for the first four months of the year, when we hope to bank a good volume of rain before the heat arrives and the growing starts. And then were … [Read more...]

Harvest Report 2021

A little bit overdue.. Harvest & Season Note 2021 Frost, drought and cool weather is not the summary of a perfect growing season, then throw in a few wildfires and other natural surprises and this completes a challenging year. The latter were not at Unang but close enough to be atmospheric. And yet, the resulting wines are full of promise, I shall try to explain how. Frost was the big … [Read more...]

Harvest Report 2020

It has not been a straightforward year… but then it rarely is. Even so, in France, the year 2020 or ‘vin,vin’, started with some optimism despite the known geo-political threats (mainly ‘Brexit’ and the US/EU trade war) and climate issues. This evaporated fairly quickly as the pandemic was viewed from afar - and then from up close. In the vineyard, life continued as normal – a farm during the … [Read more...]

Harvest Report 2019

2019 Harvest and Season Notes Another year of extremes… and wolves. The headline grabbing moment of the year was late June, when we had 45°C in Carpentras (our nearest town). This was pretty hot, and made for early morning starts, and not much happening in the vineyard during the afternoons. But the season was also extremely dry, had frost, some hail - and yet ended up being a late year, due … [Read more...]

Summer Open House and Scottish Soiree

Two important dates - firstly 10th July, our summer Open House at the cave from 11h-15h - a feast of wine tasting, matching cheeses from Crèmerie Fromagerie Mercy and good local produce with music from Franck Moulette - a really relaxed and friendly tasting over a long lunch period - free entry, open to all and no reservation required. Then the 11th July,  Soiree from the Cave to the … [Read more...]

Decanter Magazine December 2018 by Matt Walls

Rhone Revolution in the Ventoux by Matt Walls. A great article about our area - the AOP Ventoux - and some of its best wine makers and vineyards. … [Read more...]

Harvest Report 2018 by James

Harvest & Season Notes 2018  “What happens when the Mistral goes AWOL” During the previous two vintages I have been lamenting the lack of rainfall in the Vaucluse, both all year but in particular during the growing season. This one was different.  It had remained pretty dry to the end of 2017, which was a little worrying, with only 465mm of rain at Unang during the year being a record … [Read more...]


You say what?!  Apparently this is the German word to describe the wonderful summer soiree that happened at Chateau Unang on the 18th July.  For those of you that don't speak fluent German or who are not familiar with the term - it has no direct translation but means when everything perfectly comes together aesthetically! (or so I was told by an enchanted german couple who were with us) Wine from … [Read more...]

La Soiree D’Eté 2018 -18th July – Le Jardin du Chateau

There is still time to reserve for this year's summer soiree.  We are very excited as this year we have a group of very talented young dancers coming from England specifically to perform at Chateau Unang.  They are called Blue Raven and will be doing several different dance routines in the vineyard and gardens of the Chateau - modern / jazz style.  As usual there will be our 6 wines perfectly … [Read more...]

4th Musicale in Ventoux!

Friday 15th June is Musical in Ventoux evening again! This year the event is taking place at Chateau Juvenal at Saint Hippolyte le Graveyron, north of Carpentras and not far from Caromb.  It is a similar fun format to previous years, 5 domaines presenting their wines, 4 high quality food trucks and live music.  Only 5 euros to join the fun. Last year it was here at Chateau Unang, there were … [Read more...]