Wine, Cheese and ‘Dark’ Dance

Cheese feastLast night seemed to be a great success, about 50 people arrived at the cave. They were then guided by the dancers to the Chateau via a series of tableaux – which were rather macabre to say the least.  The theme for the week was ‘dark’ apparently, perhaps I should have asked, and so one of the first tableaux was just a head and arms motionless visible from under a pile of rocks!

A brave solo in the basinOnce on the terrace of the Chateau (ready for a drink) they tried each wine with the well matched Cheese, finishing with la Croix 2011 and a deliciously soft and ripe Pierre Robert in the Jardin à l’Italien. The evening was then rounded off with a final performance from all the dancers using the chapel steps and the hedges, and the audience!Is he grinning...?The final danceLa rouge classique plus l'Elucha cheese


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