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  • 4 days ago by

    A little break from the rain but muddy under foot.
    Un pause pendant la pluie mais encore beaucoup de boue.
  • 6 days ago by

    Les vendanges continue malgré le temps - tricky weather for the harvest this year...
  • 1 week ago by

    Second week of the harvest - deuxième semaine de la vendange
  • 12 weeks ago by

    Hier soir et tôt ce matin - late last night and early this morning.(no filters)
  • 14 weeks ago by

    An early start on a hot day
    Lève tôt ce matin avant le chaleur.
    14 weeks ago Alexander James Kirkbride 1
    14 weeks ago Maggie Fraser 1
  • 14 weeks ago by

    Meet this year's rosé, new blue label, same thirst quenching, fresh delicate fruit taste.
    14 weeks ago Jennifer Dugdale 1
    Love that new label!! Very smart. 👍🏻
    14 weeks ago Natalie Jennings 1
    Feel free to send me some!!! 😘😘😘
    14 weeks ago Chateau Unang
    are you still coming this year to get your own?!xx
    14 weeks ago Saskia Vde
    Any chance of buying it in the Netherlands or Online? 😍
    14 weeks ago Joanna King 1
    Saskia Vde our red is available from Grapedistrict - feel free to ask for our rose 2019 - perhaps they will order some!
    14 weeks ago Saskia Vde 1
    Joanna King Thank you I will give them a buzz ❤ a friend and I are Rosé lovers and we loved watching Patrick Melrose filmed at your place thats why we want to taste your Rosé.
  • 15 weeks ago by

    Unang Rouge is the basic red wine from Chateau Unang winery. Just because it is basic does not mean it is ordinary! Grapes of varieties Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault are grown at the foot of Mont Ventoux in bio mode, collected by hand and vinified at low temperatures after maturing. The color of the wine is ruby, in the smell we can smell dark red fruit and smaller decantation will benefit. The body is medium full with a taste of marmalade with a spicy end and a long reverberation. This means that after swallowing you want to drink again 🙂 You can drink separately or as we do with mass gifts of our country 🙂 The current year has a rating at 4.1 points, overall the wine is among the top 3 % of wines worldwide! So, are you craving yet?
    Your Antonín aka Antoine #france #biovino #frenchco #chateauunang #rednevino #pierreetantoine #umenizit #umenizitvsemismysly #aocventoux #montventoux
    15 weeks ago Alexandra Stein 1
    I life in the Netherlands but is it possible to order a box of wine?
    15 weeks ago Joanna King 2
    Yes Grapedistrict sell our wine in the Netherlands and will
    be pleased to help
  • 15 weeks ago by

    Our wine now available along with other local delights in the Czech Republic - nos vins maintenant disponible en Czech République avec beaucoup d’autres trésors de ce coin du monde. Friends, friends, Welcome to the website of Pierre et Antoine s.r.o., which brings you the best wine, olive oil and truffles and other specials and delicacies from southern France via e-shop We choose wines for you on the spot and offer you only what we think is best and what we ourselves, as consumers, would like to have in our wine shop. We know the winemakers personally. We know how they take care of their vineyards, how they process and care for wine until they hand it to us. Unfortunately, due to the viral crisis, we cannot now personally travel to France as planned to discover new treasures, which of course, we are sorry for us 😀 In our offer, you will find wines from two small family wineries from Mont Ventoux and Clairette de Die in Provence, where we tasted (many times) before the arrival of the Chinese virus ". When we are allowed to continue testing and tasting on the spot (especially in Chateauneuf du Pape, Cairanne and other South French regions), we will extend the offer of e-shop in hand. So for now we will try to introduce you (expertly and layman) delicacies, which our e-shop already offers. Your Petr and Antonín aka Pierre et Antoine 😉