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  • 3 weeks ago by

    A royal lion for King Charles on his big day today. Un lion royal pour le roi Charles à l'occasion de son grand jour.
  • 4 weeks ago by

    Excited to show you our latest cuvee 100% cinsault now available at the cave. Refreshing fruit with intensity and a label designed by
    3 weeks ago Lorien Holland 1
    Love the label!
    3 weeks ago Chateau Unang
    thanks - very sorry to have missed your jolly lunch -housewarming xxx
    3 weeks ago Lorien Holland 1
    Chateau Unang we missed you toooo - lovely to see E and V and of course James x
    4 weeks ago Jean-Michel Chatard 1
    En rouge ?
    3 weeks ago Chateau Unang 1
    Jean-Michel Chatard oui
    4 weeks ago Geoff Wilcox 1
    Looking forward to trying this
    4 weeks ago Jesper Mansted 1
    Looking great, see you in the summer 🙂
    4 weeks ago Louise Ryan 1
    Beautiful label!
    3 weeks ago Chateau Unang
    Louise Ryan good to hear from you - think he might get gig - for other label changes!
    4 weeks ago Elisabeth Picco-Hertges 1
    The label is so beautiful♥️Je suis impatiente de goûter le vin. ☺️
  • 4 weeks ago by

    The A listers have arrived! Some better dressed than others but so wonderful to hear.
    The bee eater flies in group high overhead singing as they eat.
    The cuckoo only here for a short while spreading her progeny around others nests.
    The golden oriele is stunning to see and regularly sings from the dead top of the cypress near the house nearly all summer.
    The nightingale has just arrived in the valley but will venture up the hill in the next few weeks and sings all morning as well as all night Les célébrités sont arrivées ! Certains sont mieux habillés que d'autres, mais ils sont si merveilleux à entendre.
    Les guêpiers volent en groupe dans le ciel en chantant pendant qu'ils mangent.
    Le coucou n'est là que pour une courte période et répand sa progéniture dans les autres nids.
    L'oréole royale est étonnante à voir et chante régulièrement depuis la cime du cyprès près de la maison presque tout l'été.
    Le rossignol vient d'arriver dans la vallée, mais il s'aventurera sur la colline dans les prochaines semaines et il chante aussi bien le matin que la nuit. Not my photos! #chateauunangwine #aocventouxwine #rhonevalleywines #organicwine #familyrunvineyard #vinbio #rhone #organic #bestkeptsecrets #southoffrance #comtatvenaissin #malemortducomtat #fresh #elegant #wine #vin #winelover #amateurdevin #winetasting #degustationdevin #biodiversité #biodiversity #leshauts #grenache #syrah #clairette #roussane
  • 4 weeks ago by

    The charming team that sell our wines in North Berwick.
    4 weeks ago Andrew Sanders
    Ooh! Will go and get some, James. Awesome!
    4 weeks ago Chateau Unang 1
    give them a call before to check what they have in stock! 01620 890799
  • 4 weeks ago by

    Derrière le château - chapelle st Gabriel.
    Behind the chateau - chapel st Gabriel
  • 4 weeks ago by

    Early bird catches the worm! (Hopefully more success when it is cooler!?)
    4 weeks ago Siffrein Pcht
    Pamela Popo
  • 5 weeks ago by

    Matin et soir vue vers le caveau, Methamis et l’Est.