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  • 6 days ago by

    Un très jeune marcassin - à boire et à nager - a little visitor to the basin yesterday - very young wild boar.
    6 days ago Hannah Kemp 1
    very sweet, I like how he panicked when he got wet😂
    6 days ago Paige Elizabeth 1
    Quite cute too!
    6 days ago PaCo Grd
    Benoist Grd
    Lise SitbOn
  • 1 week ago by

    Beautiful time of year - so much biodiversity of flora and fauna. Magnifique période de l'année - tant de biodiversité de la flore et de la faune.

    6 days ago Maggie Fraser 1
  • 4 weeks ago by

    A l’occasion du week-end de l’ascension, le caveau sera exceptionnellement fermé Jeudi 13 Mai mais sera ouvert Samedi 15 Mai !
    Afin d’anticiper les beaux jours, nous vous proposons une Vente Flash 48H Spéciale Rosé, les vendredi 14 et Samedi 15 Mai.
    Pour tout achat de 2 cartons de Rosé 2019, 1 carton de Rosé 2018 offert ! Exceptionally for the Ascension weekend the cave will be closed on Thursday 13th May but will be open on Saturday the 15th May! As the lovely sunny weather arrives we are offering a 48 hour rosé special flash sale for Friday 14th May and Saturday 15th May. For all purchases of 2 cartons of Rosé 2019 - you get 1 carton of Rosé 2018 for free!
  • 7 weeks ago by

    There seems to be plenty of young leaves popping out despite the frost - malgré le gel il y a beaucoup de jeunes pousses sous la soleil.
    7 weeks ago Steen Højgård Rasmussen
    We will cross our fingers 🤞
    7 weeks ago Steve Kendall
    Hope there wasn’t too much damage Joanna?
    7 weeks ago Chateau Unang
    Steve Kendall thanks Steve - two parcels pretty badly hit but just the odd hit on the rest so could have been worse
    7 weeks ago Steve Kendall
    Chateau Unang glad to hear!
  • 9 weeks ago by

    Big fire beyond Methamis yesterday and lots of smoke still around today (and in other news -2.5 degrees so very worried about the young shoots on the vines) Un grand incendie s'est déclaré hier au-delà de Methamis et il y a encore beaucoup de fumée aujourd'hui (et, par ailleurs, -2,5 degrés, ce qui inquiète beaucoup les jeunes pousses de la vigne).
    9 weeks ago Carmen Ripoll-Schmitz
  • 10 weeks ago by

    Sun, cherry blossom and first buds on the highest vines. Le soleil, les cerisiers en fleurs et les premières bourgeons sur Léa vignes.
  • 11 weeks ago by

    Cherries and figs starting to pop - les cerisiers et les figues commencent...
  • 12 weeks ago by

    Sunlight on the wool left behind by the sheep this morning - le soleil sur les morceaux du laine des brebis ce matin.
  • 13 weeks ago by

    Spring morning from behind the Chateau towards Methamis.
    Un matin printanier derrière le Chateau vers Methamis.