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  • 2 weeks ago by

    Beaucoup de la pluie pendant le week-end finalement partie. The rain of the weekend has finally dried up
  • 6 weeks ago by

    Les Vendanges du Chateau Unang 2019 en Francais
  • 6 weeks ago by

    Harvest and season Report 2019 in English
    6 weeks ago Karen Martin 1
    Thanks for this, I always find it an interesting read. After the last few days we have definitely seen a lot of rain for the start of autumn.
    6 weeks ago Chateau Unang
    yes we have had 100mm in October so far!
    6 weeks ago Jennifer Dugdale
    Interesting about the presence of wolves! 😱
  • 8 weeks ago by

    Only a couple more days picking to go but plenty of rain forecast for Tuesday! Que deux jours de vendange encore mais la pluie prévu pour Mardi.
  • 9 weeks ago by

    The grenache blanc down in the valley this morning - les grenaches blancs ce matin dans la vallée
  • 9 weeks ago by

    Will’s last day...
  • 9 weeks ago by

    A short refreshing day in the soaking vines this morning - une journée courte très refraissisant dans les vignes ce matin après l’orage d’hier soir.
    9 weeks ago Vincent Lottefier
    I suspect the rain was welcomed?!?
    9 weeks ago Joanna King
    Vincent Lottefier hi - not so much - would like it to hold
    Off till all the grapes are home xx
  • 10 weeks ago by

    Some great photos of a hot day taken by a friend - des photos d’un ami qui nous a rendu visite pendant une journée bien chaud.
  • 11 weeks ago by

    Harvest started last week with some Syrah and Roussanne - pause today after some rain this weekend .
    La vendange a commencé la semaine dernière avec des Syrah et Roussane - un petit pause aujourd’hui après la pluie d’hier.
  • 13 weeks ago by

    Sunrise getting a bit later
    La levé du soleil un peut plus tard