Harvest Report 2020

It has not been a straightforward year… but then it rarely is.
Even so, in France, the year 2020 or ‘vin,vin’, started with some optimism despite the known geo-political threats (mainly ‘Brexit’ and the US/EU trade war) and climate issues. This evaporated fairly quickly as the pandemic was viewed from afar – and then from up close.
In the vineyard, life continued as normal – a farm during the growing season has to be as good a place as anywhere to sit out a lockdown. Commercially, life went on pause, work in the vines advanced. While the tranquility was appreciated we cannot live on that alone, so it was with great relief that sales got back underway in June….



  1. Terje Totland says

    Always interesting to read about life and harvest at Chateau Unang. And now that the wolves have been noticed I wonder how the situation will develop. Beautiful animals, smart and with a well definated social rang. Hopefully this will not create situations of danger or killing of sheeps.
    And for the wine, so sorry it is not to get bought in Norway. As long as the covid-19 is a barrier, I am
    situated in Norway and all I can do is hoping for better times. Hope it all will turn out well both with the 2020 wines and the marked situation. All the best!!!!🥂

    • Dear Terje
      Thank you for your kind words – it is good to hear from you in Norway and sorry that you can not get hold of the wine – don’t worry there is plenty here for when we manage to get our wine into the country for you! It has been a beautiful autumn here which I hope you have managed to see on the Instagram account which is updated regularly.

      To be locked down again is frustrating but it is a very special place to be imprisoned!
      kind regards

  2. Terje Totland says

    Thank you for your kind words! I do wait for the possibility to visit you again.
    And I agree, what a fine and special place you do have for being imprisoned👍🥂

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