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rapha…..but it was on the recent soft launch of next year’s Rapha Travel plans, and a subsequent ‘nuther conversation with Brad Sauber that the subtleties of their strategy began to make sense. Though the european excursions will still centre around Provence’s Le Grand Blanc, taking in the Ventoux as part and parcel of the days’ itineraries, the experience has been marginally enhanced. During the 2013 retreats, Brad came across James King of chateau unang, a rather impressive homestead with vineyards near the base of the legendary mountain. It turns out that not only does Mr King produce a superb range of wines, but he’s also an avid cyclist, perfectly familiar with cycling to the weather station atop the giant of the Provence.

Thus dinner at Le Grand Blanc now offers wine from Chateau Unang and an evening where James provides an education in the ways of the vine. Fortuitous, non?

December 3rd 2013


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