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  • 2 weeks ago by

    Beaucoup de la pluie pendant le week-end finalement partie. The rain of the weekend has finally dried up
  • 6 weeks ago by

    Les Vendanges du Chateau Unang 2019 en Francais
  • 6 weeks ago by

    Harvest and season Report 2019 in English
    6 weeks ago Karen Martin 1
    Thanks for this, I always find it an interesting read. After the last few days we have definitely seen a lot of rain for the start of autumn.
    6 weeks ago Chateau Unang
    yes we have had 100mm in October so far!
    6 weeks ago Jennifer Dugdale
    Interesting about the presence of wolves! 😱
  • 8 weeks ago by

    Only a couple more days picking to go but plenty of rain forecast for Tuesday! Que deux jours de vendange encore mais la pluie prévu pour Mardi.
  • 9 weeks ago by

    The grenache blanc down in the valley this morning - les grenaches blancs ce matin dans la vallée
  • 9 weeks ago by

    Will’s last day...
  • 9 weeks ago by

    A short refreshing day in the soaking vines this morning - une journée courte très refraissisant dans les vignes ce matin après l’orage d’hier soir.
    9 weeks ago Vincent Lottefier
    I suspect the rain was welcomed?!?
    9 weeks ago Joanna King
    Vincent Lottefier hi - not so much - would like it to hold
    Off till all the grapes are home xx
  • 10 weeks ago by

    Some great photos of a hot day taken by a friend - des photos d’un ami qui nous a rendu visite pendant une journée bien chaud.
  • 11 weeks ago by

    Harvest started last week with some Syrah and Roussanne - pause today after some rain this weekend .
    La vendange a commencé la semaine dernière avec des Syrah et Roussane - un petit pause aujourd’hui après la pluie d’hier.
  • 13 weeks ago by

    Sunrise getting a bit later
    La levé du soleil un peut plus tard
  • 13 weeks ago by

    Return to normal opening hours
    Retoure des horaires d'ouverture normale
    13 weeks ago Chateau Unang
    Comme c'est septembre et le vendange s'approche on va reprendre les horaires d'ouverture normale - donc lundi - vendredi 10=12h et 14-17h.
    13 weeks ago Chateau Unang
    As it is september and nearing the vendange we are returning to our normal opening hours - monday to friday 10-12h and 14-17h.
  • 18 weeks ago by

    Young vines being watered and the grapes on the turn from green to red.
    L’arrosage des jeunes vignes et la véraison des raisins.
  • 19 weeks ago by

    Clear light this morning - une lumière spéciale ce matin
    19 weeks ago Maggie Fraser 1
    C’est si bel un endroit!
  • 21 weeks ago by

    On se prepare...
    21 weeks ago Lyn Ware 1
    Wish we could be with you today & hope today’s soirée goes well! 🍷
    21 weeks ago Emma Howis 1
    Looks wonderful! Hope all goes well x
    21 weeks ago Peter Rose
    Our daughter Helena - really enjoying her time with you at Chateau Unang. Hope the music is enjoyed by your guests.
    21 weeks ago Joanna King 1
    Peter Rose it has been wonderful having such incredibly talented young people here - everyone was thrilled last night
  • 21 weeks ago by

    Getting ready - on se prepare
  • 21 weeks ago by

    Si vous hésitez de réservez pour notre soirée vins fromages et musique écossais.
    21 weeks ago Geoff Wilcox 1
    Such a shame that we don’t arrive until next week. Sounds fun
    21 weeks ago Siffrein Pcht 1
    Ombeline RenardCapucine Brt quand je pense qu'on loupe ça😞
    21 weeks ago Brett Boyes 1
    I may be a bit late
    21 weeks ago Karen Martin
    Hi guys sounds great, what time does it start?
    21 weeks ago Joanna King
    Karen Martin hi it starts at 19h but please reserve your places
    21 weeks ago Karen Martin
    Joanna King great thanks will do