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Once you have had a chance to taste and enjoy the wines, why not try one of our vine and wood trails.  With the accompanying leaflet follow the signs to discover more about the different varieties of vines, the soils and grapes, and explore oak woods to understand the connection between the flora and fauna of Unang and the taste of the wine.  The wild flowers can be remarkable.

There are two walks that you can choose from:

Walk one:  This gentle wander of 20 minutes takes you through the vines, past the ancient pigeonnier, up to near the chateau for a fantastic view of the Giant of Provence, Mont Ventoux, passing through the route of the 18th century series of stone basins, that were originally fed from a spring that passes through the chateau, ( flowing through 7 basins before finishing down in the Nesque in the Valley below).  You will see 2 of them, one  is a small restored basin with an encircling curved wall and 2 series of stone steps, and another which is an ‘escalier en théâtre’, a magnificent but  ‘unrestored’  set of two stairs curling down to another basin shaded by an old horse chestnut tree.

Walk two:  This should take you around 40 minutes,  passing the pigeonnier,  through the vines,  then following  a lovely track through the woods, up to the top of the domaine where there is spectacular view  looking down the valley to Methamis and our white grapes and on to the plateau de Vaucluse and in the opposite direction towards Venasque past our ‘gorges’ of the Nesque river. Before circling round the Syrah Montagne and back on a foot path to see the ancient 18th century  basins.



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